Belar Al'Winn

Belar Al'Winn is the King of Ostwyn. In 1127 he led a rebellion against the human empire and seized the continent of Zaelek for his control.


Ruler of Ostwyn and brother in law to Emperor, Belar is currently the strongest and most charismatic of the three human rulers. Belar has always been close with Easar and was the most stalwart supporter of Easar and Crystel’s marriage. When Crystel passed away Belar was inconsolable for weeks. It wasn’t until Easar arrived in Ostwyn and broke through Belar’s bedroom door, dragging him out of his bed and throwing him into a fountain that Belar finally snapped out of it. It is said that as he crawled out of the water of that fountain he challenged Easar to a duel; they walked into Belar’s personal training room alone and in silence and in ten minutes they walked out arm in arm laughing.

In the summer of 1127 Belar seized control of the human cities of Zaelek and attempted to seize the rest of the continent. It is rumored that he did this under the advise of his mysterious Councillor, though the truth is that he was enslaved by The Councillor and the ancient god: Rovagug the Destroyer.

Belar Al'Winn

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