• Belar Al'Winn

    Belar Al'Winn

    Belar Al'Winn is the King of Ostwyn. In 1127 he led a rebellion against the human empire and seized the continent of Zaelek for his control.
  • Crystel Al'Winn

    Crystel Al'Winn

    Deceased Queen of Orlea, wife of Easar Calruthian, and sister of Belar Al'Winn
  • Easar Calruthian

    Easar Calruthian

    Emperor of the Humans and leige lord of Kings Belar and Jeremayan
  • Heftyn Kruug Fanrir

    Heftyn Kruug Fanrir

    Leader of the Dwarven clans, comes from clan Balgur
  • Jacob Falhurst

    Jacob Falhurst

    A corrupt Baron working under Belar
  • Jeremayan Stalwin

    Jeremayan Stalwin

    The Mage-King of Aldell and ruler of the humans on Thesson
  • Kruug Ltar

    Kruug Ltar

    Leader of clan Vhog, Ltar has always been a Dwarf patriot to the point of being a fanatic
  • Rovagug the Destroyer

    Rovagug the Destroyer

    Imprisoned since the dawn of time, Rovagug seeks only to destroy creation and the gods.