The Godswar Chronicles

The Story Thus Far...

During the summer of 1127, on the continent of Zaelek, King Belar of Ostwyn led his armies in a rebellion against the Empire. In a night, the traitorous King had seized most of the continent in the largest coordinated attack in recorded history. It was during this night, in the small town of Wayrest, that this story begins.

At the Wayrest inn a bouncer, two brothers and a mage met, and what began as a cool acquaintance evolved into a fast friendship by the end of the night. It was as everyone was turning in to bed that Marc headed out into the night for a breath of fresh air. As he wandered he stumbled upon a group of soldiers accompanying a red-robed mage; little did he know that these were the King’s own men. Rushing back to the inn and enlisting the help of Joel, the two companions reached the clearing with the mage just as the mage’s shield was completed, sealing the town inside. While Joel and Marc talked about what they were going to do, the mage and what can be assumed as other red-robes began a fire bombardment of the town.

The two companions fled back to the town to find the building on fire, including the inn where their friends were sleeping. Acting quickly everyone escaped and the four new allies began to carefully make their way out of town. As they came back to the clearing they found that some of the mage’s guards had left. Taking advantage of the situation the group attacked and defeated the small group. Leaving the town for dead, the party fled into the hills.

After the party had recuperated, they began the long trek to Ostwyn, to warn the King of what had happened at Wayrest. As they travelled they discovered that Wayrest wasn’t the only place attacked, and that Morfield, as well as more small settlements had also been struck. Their hopes rose as they progressed further south as it appeared that the conflict hadn’t reached the capitol yet.



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